If you have had a problem with your C1-C2-C3-C4-C5-C6-C7 and you
found the answer to the problem we would like to share with others
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Click American Racing Header Instructions on Installation C6 M6

Answer: Yes, they are an easy installation but you will have a few problems to work around. Such as, you must make header clearance around
the pan bottom side of car. It required some modification of taking a pair of pliers and bend the lip down so the header will have a clearance
and not touch. This is a must or you will have contact with frame of car. This set up is using American Racing Headers. If you would like some
advise fill free to email me or call me for assistance. Tim Coltrain email: TimColtrain@gmail.com
Question 2? How do you install corsa sport x-pipe and cross over corsa sports exhaust

Answer: Here's a you tube link from Eklers on an installation.
Question 3? Is there a listing of C5 codes?

Answer: Yes, click on link below
C5-Codes - Click here
Question 4? Is there a gear ratio calculator?

Answer: Yes, Click link for  C5 Information
Gear Ratio Link
Question 5? Any information on C5 Corvettes?

Answer: Yes
Glenn Clark's Corsa Sports Exhaust
with cross pipe. These are pictures
from his car below.
Tim Coltrains Corsa Sports
Exhaust with cross pipe. This
is before changing to
American Racing Headers.
Corsa Sports with American Racing
Headers. Found on You Tube. Not
Mine but close
Installation of New LED Rear Tail Lights
Bill Pacella Z06 Powder Coated Rims. Black inside & out.
New Cam & new clutch installation.
This is the sound afterwards. Wow
Any Questions you can email

Click on Z06 below to listen. "WOW"
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