Membership Qualifications:

1. The Primary prerequisite for membership in the  club is ownership of a         
Corvette automobile. Each must meet the requirements stated below:
a) Attend two club events

b) Submit application with fee.

c) Meet approval of three-fourths of the club's elected officials.

d) Voting will take place at  the first meeting after the application                         
requirements are met.

e) Applicant must meet the approval of the majority of the club                             
members present.

2. Prospective members will not be present when his/her membership application
is presented to the club members for discussion. The prospective member will be
notified verbally or in writing. Written notice may be by U.S. Mail or electronic

3. Spouse membership shall be automatic upon acceptance of any applicant at no
additional charge provided that the spouse meets the above criteria except that
the spouse need not own an additional Corvette. Spouses will be voting members.
Member's dependents may participated in club functions, but will have no voting

4. No discrimination will be made with regard to race, color, religion, national
origin, handicap or familial status.

5. All members will be required to join the National Council of Corvette Clubs if
the club should vote for affiliation with that association.

Active duty $25.00 annually
Twin Rivers Corvette Club

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Definition of 2. During
meeting you will be asked to
step outside of the meeting
room to allow members of the
TRCC to vote on you as a new
member. Upon completion of
the voting you will be allow
back into the meeting room.
Definition of 5. At the current
time the TRCC has not voted
to join the National Council of
Corvette Clubs. You need not
worry with this at this time. If
the TRCC should decide to join
all members will be notified
This is the reason to Join the Twin Rivers
Corvette Club. Fun, that include events,
eating plenty of food, but most of all just
plain Ole fellowship with each other with
Corvette Stories.
Twin Rivers Corvette Club
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